Trompe l'oeil in the garden


Trompe l'oeil in the garden

  • This technique is really fun, dramatic and has some great entertainement and advertising potential. It covers less skin than most other styles but it also requires the model to be very aware of their body position and focused.

  • I use only the best professional body paint, equipment, setting sprays, solvants and glues. My tools and brushes are cleaned and disinfected between each customer. When I speed paint, brushes are soaking in Hydrogen peroxide  so to evoid any cross contamination. 

    If you have any contagious skin condition on an area you want painted, let me know and i will use a seperate set of brushes for you and will sterilise them after you.

    I will give you all instructions to clean up the paint from the skin. I cannot garanty that that paint will be cleaned properly if you do not follow the instructions i will give you.

    In no instance can I be held responsible for an adverse reaction to the paint or glue I may use. I engage myself to always use shelf stable, proven professional products. If any severe reaction should occure ( I have personnally never heard or witnessed such a reaction), please let me know and we may contact the paint manufacturer to determine the cause of you reaction.

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