Beauty everywhere

Care Instructions:

The painting comes ready to hang. The frame is made of pine and is relatively light for the size, so you might not need heavy duty hanging hooks depending on the size of your painting. However it is important to secure the painting to the wall with proper implements. You can purchase a variety of systems at a wide range of prices from your local art store, home and hardware stores etc.

An oil painting is very resistant and durable and keeping it in adequate surroundings will assure longevity beyound a human life span. However excessive humidity can affect it with mildew and unwanted molds, so make sure you store or hang your painting in a dry place.

Do not try to remove the canvas from its frame yourself, it may not be possible to re-stretch it safely without fragilising the fabric and encouraging tears. Please let a professional framer do this job, they are trained in the art of canvas framing and will prevent the forementioned issue.

Do not use any sharp or contendant objects on the canvas or on the frame. Any sharp blade will slash easily through a painted canvas and the frame is destructible.

Evoid putting in direct, prolonged sunlight. A broad based lighting is better for oil paintings which can have glare under focused light sources. Some led lights are manufactured to protect the painting and eliminate glare. 

Evoid extreme temperature changes . 

Always handle with care. 

You may wash your oil painting very carefully with soft cloths, soft brushes, water and a little bit of pure gentle soap - absolutely NO detergent, alcohol or other grime dissolving agents- Only a little pure soap. Failure to follow this advice may and will result in loss of paint layers,  irreparably damaging your investment.

Enjoy your painting as often as you can!

Beauty everywhere

  • The WB series*

    "Beauty everywhere".                                                                                                2 x (24" x 36") Oil on regular stretched canvas. Based on a live sketch of my friend and French compatriot Cecile  looking out to the south in the direction of the Tsawwassen bluff, which you can see in the background.

    * Series of oil paintings, realised old style, carrying my full size (portable) easle, foldable stool and canvases, paints, brushes, rags and soap plus what you are going to need for a day out at the beach or in the woods near the beach, food, water, blankie, large umbrella sfp treated. All trails are stairs between 300 and 475 steps depending on which trail! That's dedication!  

     I can honestly say that I had an intense love affair with Wreck Beach for about ten year of my life, and it goes on today, but now its more like a pilot light, I don't need to be there physically anymore.  I have received enough in wealth of friendship and love from that place someone needs that energy today more than I, and I conceed, with all my gratitude. Also..growing an art business is a tad easier from a studio!   

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