Lest we forget ..

Yesterday was Thanks giving and Indigenous day.. a contradiction or not?

To many in North America Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the bounty of the earth at the end of the summer.

But to most first nations people it means the celebration of their genocide, constant abuse, destruction of their cultures, societies and ways of life.

Me I want to be greatful for all the abundance i have received in life so far, but i am also sensitive to the hardship of others. A few months back I made this video to support an artisan i know who works to inform and help the cause of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women as well as LGBTQ and 2 spirited people. A burning societal issue that is too often swept under the rug.

This is my way of saying '' I see you and you matter to me as you should matter to all'' to my first nations sisters and brothers, for we are all kin, no matter which ethnicity we hail from, we are all humans and we have more in common than in difference.

Video realised with my friend Norma

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