Good Monday Morning.

Another Monday, another week. I am writing in this blog again and i am actually surprising myself doing so. Not because I don't like doing it, but because I am the worst person for routine and regularity. This is my challenge in life, my downfall and also one of my strength but this is another story.

For today i just want to reflect briefly on creativity and what it means to be creative.

Everybody is creative, everybody. Some practice creativity intently and often and can become very good at it. Some just have forgotten or have to busy of obligations lives which leave them little time for fantasy and out of the box activity or pursuit. But in the end we all find ways to be creative at times and when we remove the veil of self doubt so many of us develop from past childhood and on, most of us are actually pretty good at it.

I don't have the time or the headspace to do much proper art these days as I have mentioned before, and that is fine by me, I dont need to be doing awesome body painting all the time, I miss it Though, but in my head as long as I can be even a little creative I am ok. And there is one place where I adore being creative and that is the kitchen. it is always there, ready to go, and a little time can afford great results.

Those who know me know how much I can express through my food and particularly through my sweet work... yes I love baking, I love confection, sugar and chocolate work. I am proud to have many beloved recipes under my belt. for the past 2 weeks or so, my family has had to serve as guinea pigs for me tasting a confection of my invention..I know awful right!!!..It is very nutty and very chocolatey. A crust of almonds, hazelnuts, maple syrup and other delights, a filling of almond and peanuts butter all encased in a snappy dark chocolate coating. Vegan and healthy are the plus. I fiddled a lot with the crust recipe but I think I finally got it and I share with you pic just to get your mouths watering.

I also started to experiment with making Nougat, this French confection which the Italians make slightly differently and call Torrone.

I had artisanal Nougat in France and it was sublime, divinely yummy. The recipe is simple but tricky and challenging to realise, perfect!! More on this another time.

I wonder if starting a business selling my confections would be a good idea????

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