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Hi Yall! As you may have figured out, at this time i am not creating much. I have to move in two months, that means sorting out the house I live in now, and that is no small feat..! And also having to find a new place to call home. In the Vancouver area that means a lot of searching for very small pickings in our price range and the very real chance of being evicted after one or two or three years for the same reason we have been evicted from our last three houses: In the insane Vancouver real estate market, owners are being offered money they can't refuse for their homes and even if they did not intend to sell in the first place, the greed and outrageous markups they can benefit from are irresistible and Realtors promesse of just investors buying and keeping us as tenants never occurs. Plus I have to find a new job, yes being an artist does not pay bills, for the end of the year. Moving is basically a full time job so I have little chance or energy to do creative things these days. I regret it but maybe a break is all I need to fuel my inspiration. I am nonetheless eager to find time again to be in my studio, as hopefully I will have one in our new place.

But I still would like to share with you a tutorial I made a few months back. If it can help just one person to become a better airbrush artist, then my job is done. The technique is super basic, you can easily make your own stencils with plastic file's covers (at dollar stores) and it does not require to be an expert airbrush artist but is a good exercise with pretty dramatic and quick effect. ENJOY!

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