Body Painting and Body Arts

“I am enthralled by the sensation of painting a living canvas, the feel of skin under the brush is second to none. I do not consider any project too small, not artistic enough, too easy or too hard for me. I take it all with humility, adaptability, patience and glee. Of course I adore the challenge of creating a whole piece, a whole concept, fabricating the stencils, the props and the prosthetics, marrying these with the painting aspect is a great pleasure. All these techniques are fascinating to me and the fact that this art is ephemeral hold a great attraction. I want to create wonderful and mystical creatures but I also want to instil reflection and thought as it is the role of artists to do so; body painting has much potential for this. I am only starting, I am still learning, will never stop learning, I have yet so much to do, so much beautiful and/or relevant body art yet to give to the world, I am going nowhere in my artistic path but where I am headed now!”

Quote by Boise, 3 May 2019. 



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