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Welcome to my Art boutique

    "The purpose of Art is to wash daily life's dust off our souls"                                         Pablo Picasso

This is what I propose in this space: A place to unwind from the strifes and worries of mundane regimented every day life.

Come in to complement your own artistry with coloring templates, seek advices, tutorials and art resources.

Loose yourself in the wonderous world of Body painting or browse & choose from a large collection of fine art and downloads.



This shop is for all who appreciate art and creativity, want to purchase art at any budget, from original fine art to very affordable downloads, as well as those who seek an easy, rewarding and fun way to do mind soothing, meditative and beautiful art with adult coloring.


Visit my blog In my blog you will find:                                                                                          -A space for questions, comments and suggestions of public interests.                   

 - Updates on new products, events and special deals. As well as links to interesting art     and performances.                                                                                                                       - Live and Reel videos as well as tutorials.   


 For private communication please use the contact page.



I invite you to visit my store, select home or visit shop button  for all current offerings, downloads and prints.

You may view complete collections of my body painting/art and fine art in my Portfolio.





Artist. Body Painter. Maker of Fine Things

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